About Acacia Memorial Park

Acacia Memorial Park was established in 1872 by Stanislaus Lodge #206 Free and Accepted Masons with the purchase of five acres of land for $30.00 per acre from John Robinson. The "graveyard" was know then, as it is to many now, as the Masonic Cemetery. In 1917 Acacia was incorporated as a not-for-profit coproration under the laws of the state of California. In 1964 the name of the cemetery was changed from the Masonic Cemetery to Acacia Memorial Park Association of Modesto and continues to operate as a California Non-Profit Corporation under Section 501 (c)(13) of the Internal revenue Code and Section 23701 (c) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. The members of the Association continue to be the Master Masons of Stanislaus Lodge #206's successor lodge, Modesto Lodge #206 F. & A.M.

In the 1920's the back portion of what is now Acacia, near what was then Beard School, was purchased from the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Acacia was expanded further with the purchase of the "Pine Trees" section, along Bodem Street, in 1960 and has achieved its present size of nearly 13 acres after the purchase of property, near the corners of Scenic and Bodem, from the County of Stanislaus in the early 1990's.

Acacia operates under a Certificate of Authority granted by the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of the State of California. The By-Laws of the Association control where state and local laws are not applicable. General policy decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

Acacia is an endowment care interment property with 20% of the purchase price of all graves, niches, and mausoleum purchases funding the future care of the cemetery. The amount contributed to endowment care exceeds the amount that is required by law. Acacia has been able to fund maintenance and embellishment of the cemetery from operations and has not found it necessary to use income from endowment care funds for the past several years. The principal has been allowed to grow for the future benefit of the cemetery

Acacia is a successfully operated cemetery that is a true asset to the community it has served for over 135 years.