Burial Plots

Burial Plots

All burial plots for in ground interments at Acacia are sold as "companion plots" allowing multiple burials in the same grave site. Acacia allows up to six interments in the same companion grave. Fro example, two casket burials and up to four sets of cremains. We are not capable of providing for more than two casket burials per grave. Markers over companion graves must be designed to accommodate the names of those buried in the grave.

Acacia requires grave liners for casket burials to protect the casket, our equipment, and the grounds. In some sections the liners are already in place below the ground level. In others, the loners are placed in the grave at the time of need. There is a difference in the price between the two types of graves and liners used. Please call (209) 522-0452 for specific prices.

The cost of the grave includes installation of two metal flower vases, usually placed on the grave at the time of the first and second interment. Additional vases and replacement vases can be purchased at Acacia.

Acacia can accommodate burials that require larger than the standard size graves and liners. Arrangements must be made at the time of purchase and before the burial service. Please call (209) 522-0452 for specific prices.

Graves at Acacia are sold as Endowment Care. Twenty percent of the purchase price of each grave is deposited into the Endowment Care Fund of Acacia Memorial Park. This exceeds the amount required by law. Acacia is an Endowment Care Facility.

Opening and Closing Graves and Arrangements for Graveside Services.

Acacia charges for the opening and closing of a grave for each interment and for providing the canopy, chairs, podium, and etc. for graveside or interment services. Prices vary by the type of location of the grave sold. Please call (209) 522-0452 for specific prices.