Markers and Memorials

Acacia sells flat granite and bronze markers, stone benches, upright markers and flower vases. Please call us for prices at (209) 522-0452 or visit us at 801 Scenic Drive, in Modesto, CA to see a variety of memorial products offered by Acacia.

Acacia installs all markers and memorials at our cemetery and will collect the appropriate installation fee before the marker is installed. The installation fee will be collected wheter the marker or memorial is purchased at Acacia or anywhere else. There are restrictions in some of our areas on the type of marker, or material, allowed. Please contact our office about the requirements for a specific grave site. The larges flat marker allowed at Acacia is 28 inches wide by 16 inches in depth. The thickness of the marker is determined by the material used. No more than one marker is allowed per grave.

Acacia encourages the use of markers and niche plates supplied by the Veterans Administration. The installation fee on markers supplied by the Veterans Administration is waived by Acacia in recognition of the deceased's service to our country. Scroll plates may be added with an additional name to the veteran's marker to convert it to a companion marker.

For more information about grave markers and niche plates suppled by the Veterans Administration please contact your local VA office or on the web at has applications available on request.

The placement of benches must be approved by our Board of Directors and any marker, bench, or memorial placed in Acacia that is not in compliance with our rules and regulations will be removed.